Needed: Yahoo! Placemaker for music

June 16, 2009 at 4:39 pm Leave a comment


for now this is just a very short post. Maybe it’ll improve if I spend some more time on the topic or I find someone interested in the same thing. So, please comment.

I want to state the need for a music related semantic information extractor. You might know Yahoo! Placemaker. You give it a text or website. Maybe that text includes MicroFormats specifiying a location, then this is extracted. But maybe the text just contains the line “I had breakfast in Paris, France.” Placemaker will than give you a geo reference to this place. Your program can then do what ever it wants with this.

For music I imagine a service that gets a text. Maybe it includes a line “I like to listen to songs by Madonna”. The service should then compare all the words with a huge list of artist, labels, songs, … and give me back a annotated text. I’m not sure whether one wants RDF or MicroFormats. I guess the latter. If my program were a greasemonkey/ubiquity script, it could than take all the text representing an “Artist” and make it into a link to my favorite music website. (In my case: For all text representing a “Song” it could add a link to your favorite music streaming page and a small active item playing a 30 second preview when clicked.

How difficult is something like that to establish?

PS: Maybe such a script shouldn’t run on _every_ page I visit but just on those that contain the word “music” or “song” and no https and only if I activate that I’m in some kind of public browsing mode. [public just in the way that, I guess, google knows were you are when you use their browser’s addressbar.]

PPS: Is there a standard format for semantic annotation of text as Artist of Music, or some other text as “Title of a Song”? I looked at’s user profile pages, as it contains loads of artist names and song titles. However, as of now[mid 2009] the source code for the user profiles did contain just plain links with no further mark-up.


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