Problems with iTunes 8.2 and iPod Touch Syncing due to Apple Mobile Device Support

June 30, 2009 at 9:35 pm 1 comment

I guess this post makes this blog completely person based in contrast to topic based. The topic of this post probably won’t fit with any other of my former postings. Anyway, I just did a google search on the German error message presented to me, and nothing interesting came up. So I thought, I’d write this post, so comments on the problem could be aggregated here:

I have a iPod Touch 2G and I use iTunes on WinXP to synchronize apps, podcasts and a little music and to make back-ups.

I was using iTunes 8.1. Now I wanted to update the firmware of the iTouch, so I wanted to update iTunes first.

I downloaded iTunes 8.2 in German from Apple and installed it above the iTunes 8.1. For this I used heise’s MachMichAdmin. This elevates my users to have Admin Privileges, starts the install, and puts me back to being a restricted user. I use this for all my installs. I works fine, and I guess I’ve also run iTunes updates just this way.

Now, however, whenever I plug-in my iTouch, I get the following error message (in German)

iTunes benötigt eine neuere Version von Apple Mobile Device Support. Bitte deinstallieren Sie zuert beide Komponenten (Apple Mobile Device Support und iTunes). Installieren Sie anschließend iTunes erneut.

It says iTunes needs a new version of Apple Mobile Device Support. Why wasn’t it installed with iTunes?. It says I should uninstall iTunes and the Apple Mobile Device Support, and install iTunes afterwards. I started “Apple Software Update”. It says there is no program to be updated. Why isn’t the Apple Software Update responsible for the Apple Mobile Device Support?

WinXP still sees the iPod, but a synchronization isn’t done.

I don’t know whether I should do that. I don’t want to loose the list of podcasts I’m subscribed to. And I don’t want to loose the information, which of them I’ve already listened to.

When uninstalling iTunes will this information be lost?

Anyone in the know, how this problem came about? Anyone in the know what information will sustains a uninstall / reinstall cycle?

I guess I’m not alone with the problem:

Apple – Support – Discussions – Apple Mobile Device Support Error in iTunes FIX : They say: Uninstalling iTunes and ADMS and reinstalling iTunes, doesn’t help. It says: Download the iTunes 8.2 install file, extract the file, take the Apple Mobile Device Support installer applemobiledevicesupport.msi and install AMDS again. Some say you should first delete the former installation of ADMS, some say you should first install the iTunes 8.1 version of ADMS.

Apple – Support – Discussions – iTunes 8.2 Apple Mobile Device Support does not install features the error log when installing ADMS. And it says that the installtion of ADMS need write access to c:\windows\system32\drivers (at least in Windows 7). Usually even Admins don’t have that but need to grant that to them selfs by hand.

Nach Update von iTunes wird iPhone nicht mehr erkannt In this German forum some other problem is discussed. But the entry #7 seems to have the same problem.

PS: Can I send a Trackback to either the Forum or Apple Support Forum?


I lived without syncing my iTouch for a week. Then, however, the iPod went into Recovery Mode for no apparent reason.  It only displayed the “connect to iTunes” screen. I could hear it receiving emails but I couldn’t get access to the device.  There is  a picture of what the iPod screen looked like at under 6). So I followed the idea of the instructions at Apple – Support – Discussions – Apple Mobile Device Support Error in iTunes FIX : I downloaded the current iTunes, used 7zip to decompress the file, started the installation of AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi via MachMichAdmin (a tool putting my account in the group “Admins”/”Administratoren” for the time for the installation). This worked.  iTunes saw my iTouch again. However, it seems iTunes forgot that I knew the passcode. So iTunes said something like: “you have to type you passcode in the device to access the device with iTunes”

“iTunes konnte sich nicht mit dem iPod “iPod Touch” verbinden, da es mit einem Passcode geschützt ist. Sie müssen Ihren Passcode auf dem iPod eingeben, bevor es mit iTunes verwendet werden kann.”

This situation is described in a blog here: iTunes 8.2 will nicht – Passcode Sperre beim iPhone [German]

However, in contrast to the usual behaviour described in the mentioned blog post, I wasn’t prompted a num-pad to type my passcode.

I guess the same problem is described at iPod T. 2G iTunes passcode, startet nicht and Apple – Support – Disccussions – iTouch says to connect with iTunes, can’t becasue of password. (posted some days ago) and – my ipod tells me to connect to itunes and the computer tells me i need to unlock my ipod before it will connect to the computer (posted 4 days ago, I guess the accumalation of this problem around a common time suggests that there might be specific new problem).  Neither of the page describes a good solution (most don’t have solutions at all.). The Apple forum says I should reset the device. So I went on and reset the device via these instructions:  Apple – Support – iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to restore This reset the device. Having a reset the device I took the chance and installed the iPhone OS 3.0. All worked fine and after all the updates I was asked by iTunes whether I wanted to restore a backup of the “former” iPod (which actually was the same). I didn’t expect to be given the chance to recover some of my old data as Apple – Support – Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software seems to says that backups have to be evoked manually. However, the everyday syncing seems to do part of the job of backup. So after restoring the backup my iPod knew my VPN data, my Mail preferences, my WLAN keyphrases. However, it lost the info which mails were read (for POP3 not IMAP). Emails had to be downloaded again. No music, no videos, no podcast, no apps were on the device. However, iTunes kept the information which of these I want to sync (didn’t change anything in iTunes anyway).

So I started the syncing of apps and podcasts.

Files lite synced and even all the txt and pdf files within it were synced back to the device.  Skype still knows the passwords. Some game still knows my player-id.

I have to see whether the iPod gets faster after a reboot. At first the new OS didn’t feel as snappy as the old one when opening for example the music app.

Over all the procedure takes quite some time, as installing the OS3-data (300MB), restoring the backup (?MB), syncing the apps and podcasts (14GB) isn’t very fast. I guess it took more than 2hours + about 4hours for the syncing.

So, in conclusion, I’m quite happy with the result. But there is one thing: I should have done all that earlier. As you read from the posting, I didn’t sync for a week. So I lost a week worth of “Notes”, which is quite annoying. But not so bad that it’ll make me switch to Evernote all together.


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