Set your date/time in WinXP via command line

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I’m just posting this, so I won’t forget again.

Start a console with Admin privileges using MachMichAdmin.

Set the right date (or tomorrows date) via

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /

w32tm /config /update

w32tm /resync

before all this I ran
net time /
but I guess this isn’t important.

You need to do the step setting the current date via “DATE” manually. Otherwise resyncing the time will yield:
Neusynchronisierungsbefehl wird gesendet an local computer…
Der Computer wurde nicht synchronisiert, da die erforderliche Zeitänderung zu groß war.

Saying: Sending sync command to local computer. Computer wasn’t synced as the required time change was to large.

Windows default setting allows a maximal change of the time via w32tm of 15 hours. So if it’s past 3pm and your PC clock reads 0:00 you should either also change the time via the time command or you change the date to the following day.

German headline: Die Uhrzeit und das Datum in Windows XP WinXP mittels Kommandozeile setzen und aus dem Internet mit einem Zeitserver synchronisieren.

This behaviour of w32tm /resync is a feature that stops you from changing the time to something wrong, in case the server yields some time that is completely off. You can however deactivate this saveguard. The blog post “Das Leben ohne Batterie und Uhr” on “Franz & Familie” explains that you can go to the registry  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Config and change the key MaxPosPhaseCorrection to something very high (for example the maximum of “ffffffff”. You have to restart  the w32time deamon afterwards for the changes to take effect. See the post on Franz & Familie or the official MS Knowledgebase article on How to configure a time server on WinXP. The default value for this key and for MaxNegPhaseCorrection (if your clock was wrongly set to the future) is 15 hours.


I just had the problem that WinXP deactivated the option to apply summertime correctly and automatically.  I wanted to activate it again. In order not to start the Admin user, I needed the command line for starting the time/date options from the Control Panel. The needed command, one can start for example with MachMichAdmin is:

RunDLL32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl

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