Needed: a brainstorming website for uniting on ideas

October 17, 2009 at 2:03 pm Leave a comment

Do you know a page for listing your ideas, subscribing to others’ and working on them together?

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”
– Frank Tibolt

All to often, one has an idea but won’t think it through. So the idea can’t evolve, in the same way it can if it were written down, shared and thought over be another mind.

So this posting is the plea for a website. Maybe its a plea to myself. But surely it’s an idea I want to write down. Write down, so I can evolve it; it can evolve. I appreciate any comments on the idea. But even if there aren’t any, even if noone’s reading this in quite some time, I guess the only chance for this idea to ever go somewhere is to write it down, and work on it from there.

So what do I want:

I want a website, that gives me

  • ability to list an idea (of a concept, an action, a product, …)
  • brainstorming tools, ability to draw sketches, mind map, …
  • an elaborate commenting system
  • community editing functionality for wiki-like pages, via an open system with good spam protection or via moderated edits with different moderators for every idea (whoever claims to be interested in the idea).
  • ..

I want a website fitting roughly the profile described in this post. Feel free to add ideas. Or even better: Tell me whether such a site already exists.

The website should allow users to post ideas like:

  • I want world-peace
  • I want solar panels to be build using the following techniques ….
  • I want Russia and Georgia to agree on the following …
  • I want parents to teach their kids Chinese.
  • I want teacher to and businesses to work together in the following way.
  • I want a good cake recipe.
  • I want a better spam protection.
  • I want spam protection via the following idea …
  • I want more trees in my city.
  • I want number plates to have a different layout.
  • I have the following idea for a TV show.
  • I want the following board game to be published.
  • I want the following plot on 30 Rock.
  • I want copyright laws to incorporate the following …
  • I think rehab programs to work the following way …
  • I want a website for dance steps.

I hope you get the drift. Those are just examples, and they are not specifically my ideas or opinions. The ideas don’t have to be important, just in some way important to the person posting.

The people posting and commenting should be able to contact each other.

They should be able to publicly tell the system they want to support the idea.

They should be able to say what kind of skill they are willing to donate for what time. And they should be able to say how many committed people it needs to really start the idea. For example:

  • World Peace: very committed, dunno what to do, I think it needs 6 billion people to achieve that
  • Scrobble my local radio station to Idea is okay, I can ask a lawyer whether one may publish a radio’s playlist without asking, needs 1-3 people.

There should be a GetSatisfaction-like “Me too” button.

Preferably there is a chance to make postings and comments anonymously. Maybe the system knows who made the comments but there is a chance to hide one’s identity till one really gets in touch outside of the website. If all ideas by the same person were on a list, I fear that those might be tracked back to another personal blog or twitter account thinking about just those ideas. However, the system should hint at whether the poster is committed or just trolling.

Hm, I’d now like to hand this idea over to this new website that I want to exist. Because I guess more wiki-like features (than I get on wordpress) would be helpful to evolve the idea.

_Please_ comment!

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