Slow scrolling through podcasts on ipod touch with firmware 3.1

October 20, 2009 at 2:49 pm Leave a comment

Scrolling through podcasts on ipod is slow with firmware 3.1.

I have a iPod Touch 2G.
I updated iTunes ( and the iPod Touch (3.1.2). Those are the current versions.

I came from firmware v3.0 which was fine. But now the scrolling in the podcast directory is a huge pain.

When scrolling through the list, whenever a new item is displayed the scrolling stops for a quarter of second. On the first scrolling I can’t scroll faster than one item height per second. When I flick the iPod takes 7 seconds to finish the operation. While performing the flick only 5 frames are shown (instead of 100+ frames that induce a smooth experience) to get from the start of the list to item #15. Even very, very slow scrolling is stopping every two or three items.
Having scrolled through the podcast list (50 items) it gets faster. But it still isn’t as it was in 3.0. It still stops while scrolling. I don’t have that behaviour in “lists” or “albums”. Everything is fine over there.

I’m not the only one with this problem:

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Jerky scrolling after 3.1 update …

3.1.1 Jerky Podcast Scrolling – iLounge Forums Someone speaks of “stutter scrolling” there.

MacMacken » Ruckeln beim Scrollen auf dem iPod Touch

Apfeltalk –  Ipod Touch 2nd Generation ruckelt seit 3.1


By now MacMacken has made a video showing the problem. Head over to his blogpost showing the slow scrolling in a video.

Apple please repair!

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