Make your own poster as a personal gift

October 31, 2009 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

A personalized gift for students: Create your own version of the poster. It’s the famous poster that shows 12 toilet booths doing all kinds of things one can do on in such a booth apart from the obvious. I have a description of how a personalized version might look like, and links to examples and the original (Do you know the author?). My Blog Post:

Probably you have seen the poster somewhen. It’s a poster of 12 images of a toilet booth, with several people in the booth, doing whatever one can do on a toilet. You can see it at: Toilet Cam (Bathroom Scenes) Art Poster Print – 24″ X 36″. (Unfortunately, I don’t know who made the original poster. Maybe you can tell me in the comments.) One can easily take 16 pictures resembling the general idea of the poster showing toilet booths. What you’re doing in the booth is up to you. The original is quite sex based. I got a version for my birthday from my friends. They used the following scenes: guy in suit kissed by attractive girl, Indian guy sitting on the closed toilet in traditional clothes with traditionally crossed legs (sitting on the toilet seat it looks like he’s floating above ground), some sports man in sports dress, a guy with naked upper body wearing a bra, someone cleaning the toilet while lying below the toilet and wearing a white lab coat, someone fishing for ducks in the toilet, man dressed up as girl, someone drinking champagne, someone sleeping, somone snorting, somone playing football, …, and a group photo.

I don’t want to upload the picture I got. But I found a blogpost by someone else who uploaded a version he did with some friends.  Blogpost about a personalized “” poster at mÖÖÖÖrc’s Geburtstag on . NSFW.  (direct link to the picture)

This really is a great gift. I’d rate it as one of the top gifts I ever got.

What do you need:

  • a camera
  • 6 to 15 people
  • a location: preferable a toilet booth which is open on the top so you can take pictures from there.
  • several funny outfits / utensils
  • 8€ – 20€ for printing the poster

PS: I like Inkscape for putting several high res pictures together as editing (most vector based editing is implemented) is very fast on my slow machine. A full resolution is only just created when you export your image in the end.


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