Copy and paste in Inkscape from one window to the next

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How to do Copy&Paste in Inkscape? You need the documents to be opened within the same instance of Inkscape. Inkscape will usually create a new instance when opened from the Explorer. So open documents via “Open” from within Inkscape, so faster via “Open Recent”. Do copy and paste from one window to the next within the same instance. v0.47 is to be released soon. It’ll fix this behaviour.

My Blog Post:

I wanted to copy vector graphic objects from one window of Inkscape to another.

It turns out Inkscape opens a new instance of itself everytime you open a .svg file from the Windows Explorer. It also opens a new instance if you start it from the command line.

And Inkscape doesn’t support copy and paste from one instance to the next. (This is for the version Inkscape 0.46, built Apr 1 2008. There is a new version to be release somewhen in the near future. On October 20th, 0.47pre4 was release which might be the last prerelease.)

There is a bug report: [upstream] can’t copy & paste between two inkscape windows from 2006. And Support for copy/paste with system clipboard from 2004. The later ends with “Fix released” on 2009-09-06. And the Inkscape FAQ promises that this will be solved in 0.47.

But Inkscape does support copy and paste within instances. So you can use the menu from on inkscape window and open a new window¬† [File]/[Open]. Unfortunately this will force you to click through the whole directory structure as the common directory that will be shown to you at first is: C:\Program Files\Inkscape (or equivalently). You could come up with the idea of dropping the .svg file onto the Inkscape window. This will however start the “import .svg”-process. So you end up having copied the complete content from one .svg file into the other. This is, however, very useful if you use this as templates.

The best way for copy and paste with inkscape, I know is this:

  • Open the first file from the Explorer by double-clicking.
  • Open the second file from the Explorer
  • Close the second file
  • Open the second file via “File”/”Open Recent”
  • Copy and Paste as you wish …

Have fun.

PS: I hope they also fixed the export dialog. I heard they were. Right now, it supports relative path names only relative to the current working directory, which is usually “C:\Program Files\Inkscape” within Windows. However, file names relative to the file that’s open make much more sense. This would also allow for export on network drives and folders that are synced over several computers.

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