Battery BL-4C bulging out in Nokia 6260

November 7, 2009 at 6:05 pm Leave a comment

My Nokia 6260 battery BL-4C is bulging out. Should I be worried? Might it explode? Others experience the same. I have links to their complains.

My Blog Post:

I use a Nokia 6260, which was probably bought in 2004 or 2005 or so.

Recently I’ve constantly been getting the message “Bei Entn. d. Sp.-karte werden al-le offenen Progr. geschlossen. Trotz-dem entnehmen?” (“Bei Entnahme der Speicherkarte werden alle offenen Programme geschlossen. Trotzdem entnehmen?” / removing your memory card will close all running programs. remove anyway?). I wasn’t sure what to make of them.

No I realize that the problem is that my battery a BL-4C is bulging out. It got so large that the sticker on it is peeling away. And the battery compartment is barely closing, leaving a 1,5mm slit on both sides.

It’s the original battery.

I hope it won’t explode on my or release some acid in my trouser pocket.

I’m not alone.  Someone posted the question over here. But he didn’t get no answer.

Nokia Support Discussions: BL 4C battery has now expanded and bulged out!!! has a more interesting thread on the topic. Someone over there has precisely my problem and got as answers, that this is just the way old batteries behave, so he should expect to be compensated. And he is told that this might be very dangerous, so he should exchange the battery as soon as possible.

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