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Thunderbird 3 collapse header info as in v2 via Add-On

Thunderbird 3.0 doesn’t support compact headers but always shows the expanded version of the header information. You can change this behaviour and collapse the information via the Thunderbird Add-On CompactHeader

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Integralkerne in L.W. Kantorowitsch, G. P. Akilow Funktionalanalysis in normierten Räumen

These are German annotations to the book L.W. Kantorowitsch, G. P. Akilow Funktionalanalysis in normierten Räumen (German translation). I list all occurrences of integral kernels. Those are functions like the Schwartz kernel. Unfortunately the book only contains theorems that yield properties of the operator from properties known about the kernel. For example in all most all cases the kernel k is supposed to be continuous and mostly the domains used are compact, mostly just intervals [a,b].

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