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Excel: Copy Value from Cell above – Wert aus Zelle dadrüber übernehmen – STRG + U vs. STRG + UMSCHALT + “

I wanted to copy the value from the cell above the current cell into the current cell.

UP / CTRL + C / DOWN / CTRL + V took to long.

I looked for keyboard shortcuts in the German version of Excel and found CTRL + SHIFT + ” first. But this did not work.

Later I found [PDF] that in new German versions of Excel the following works:

CTRL + U:  Copy value from cell above / STRG + U Inhalt der darüberliegenden Zelle kopieren (kopiere nach _U_nten)

CTRL + R:  Copy value from cell on the left / STRG + R Inhalt der linksliegenden Zelle kopieren (kopiere nach _R_echts)

I found other websites stating that CTRL + R would delete the content, but this seems outdated.

I tried CTRL + R and CTRL  + U in a German Excel 2016 and they both worked to copy adjacent cell content.

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