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Slow scrolling through podcasts on ipod touch with firmware 3.1

Scrolling through podcasts on the iPod Touch with firmware 3.1 is very slow for several users. I have this problem too and I link to some other people who have the same problem. Hopefully there will be a bug fix.

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World War iPhone App

“Bombard Enemy Defenses” needs “Wiesel 2 Mortar Unit” from “Infiltrate Western Border”.

“Capture Enemy Fighters” needs “SU-34 Fullback Bomber” from “Air Raid”

This post is about an iPhone game, I don’t recommend you to play. It consumes all too much time.

For the mission “Bombard Enemy Defenses” (Africa) (I’m playing as “German”, so Africa tab = Tab #3 = Africa tab for USA players = Balkans tab for UK players = Africa for China players = Europe for Russia players) one needs the unit “Wiesel 2 Mortar Unit”. One can loot this unit by doing the first Africa mission “Infiltrate Western Border”. [Update] The aforementioned information is correct. At first at had mistakenly listed “Fend off Enemy Attack” which is the first mission in the “Europe” tab (I’m playing as “German”, so Europe tab = Tab #1 = Americas tab for USA players = Europe tab for UK players = East Asia for China players = Balkans for Russia players). But that wasn’t correct.[/Update]

Does anyone know a site that lists all missions with the possible loot? [Update]I found a forum post called “Detailed List of all Buildings, Units, & Missions for World War” at Storm8 Community Forums. I got there through this Yahoo Answer. [/Update]

Just now, I wanted to do the “Americas”-(Tab #5)-mission “Capture Enemy Fighters”. It needs “SU-34 Fullback Bomber” as loot. So I will have to do “Atlantic”-(Tab #4)-mission “Air Raid”

Now I needed the following: “Amphibious Command Ship” from Mission Tab #5 – “Disrupt Communications” for doing “Fortify Beachhead” in Mission Tag #7. I got this information from “Detailed List of all Buildings, Units, & Missions for World War” at Storm8 Community Forums, but I double checked it myself (as I needed the loot anyhow).

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Problems with iTunes 8.2 and iPod Touch Syncing due to Apple Mobile Device Support

iTunes update from 8.1 to 8.2 broke synchronization due to problem with Apple Mobile Device Support.

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